Thursday, June 2, 2016

oh i wonder

oh i wonder,
if there's a single person still reading my blog,
probably the most boring blog with not enough pictures or creativity,
or something such as good life experience with full or laughter not just sober.

oh i wonder,
if i can turn the clock backwards so i can mend and patch the bad's with goods,
made the right decisions in life so i'm not in this position as a sore loser,
i'm no angel, i'm no saint, just a human fill with stain.

oh i wonder,
that sometimes i wish i lived another life,
a better, happier, stress-free and ordinary,
but still, i'm luckier than most human around the world.

it's late, but i can't sleep,
deprived of sleep when becoming an insomniac,
but i must go, hope to write some more tomorrow,
if i still breathing, i keep hoping...praying..