Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thanks Doctor

hi again my fellow blog readers. this entry i feel like it's better to share with all of you. 'thanks doctor', this phrase is not what came out from my mouth but it as directed to me. would you believe it happened to me? the story happened yesterday, after my officemate and i finish conducting a training for the hospital staffs. i went to the surau just before 5pm, and after finished Asar prayers i quickly went out to head home. as i almost applied my socks and shoes, two girls (might be hospital staff or mere public people) asked me as if the motorcycle parked in front of her car is mine, i said no. she said, 'doktor, moto doktor ke?', i like 'what?', stunned for a moment and just say no. no to 'that's not my bike'. her car was sandwiched in between the motorcycle and a car at the back. but, there's a catch. it was 'sandwiched', but there is enough space for her to navigate her way out of the mess. without a fuss, i directed her to slowly reverse back and forth to gain access out from the position. and before they leave, they said, 'terima kasih doktor', and i just smile. and because of that incident, my officemate now tease me, 'doktor, doktor'. i wonder, does they really see me as a doctor or just because i work in the hospital, they assumed i am at least a doctor.

note : i look like piri weepu, the all blacks rugby player because i have beard, and my curly uncombed hair is a real mess. try to imagine yourself