Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

sempena Hari Raya Aidiladha yang jatuh pada hari Jumaat yang mulia nih, blogger nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha kepada semua umat Islam, yang membaca blog blogger nih, mahupun yang tidak. blogger akan balik ke kampung halaman blogger kat JB pada keesokan harinya dengan menaiki kereta Honk-da bersama-sama adik beradik blogger. doakan keselamatan kami semua dalam perjalanan pergi dan balik. amin

Kereta...(entah apa-apa)

buat apa pakai scuderia ferrari,
kalau beli guna duit curi

buat apa pakai volvo,
kalau dok buat kerja 'kotor'

buat apa pakai mercedes,
kalau dok biak nyamuk aedes

buat apa pakai BMW,
kalau duit IOU

buat apa pakai mitsubishi,
kalau malas nak cuci

buat apa pakai fiat,
kalau nak bangun subuh liat (terasa..huhu)

baik pakai saga,
murah dan bergaya

baik jugak pakai exora,
hati pun gembira

baik pakai perodua,
kereta jenama negara ma

baik pakai subaru,
entah, aku pun tak tahu

baik pakai citroen,
balik umah layan sinetron

buat apa hang baca,
kalau hang tak suka? kuang3x

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Apau itu aku, anak bongsu

Bukan nama sebenar, buncit

Carila sendiri, Championship Manager

Dah dapat bagitau

Expresi-diriku, ek eleh

F***** namaku

Garang, geli-geli

Hati kristal, hati batu, hati-hati di jalan raya

Itu fakta, insyaAllah

Jadi diriku, jangan bilang tidak

Kapten bola sepak SAKTI, keras kepala

Lack of focus, lack of confidence and concentration

MAHER@pengawas sekolah, mobsters

Ntah, Nadia(2 orang adik angkatku)

Ohm, member kamceng waktu sekolah

Pendendam, perasan

Qwerty keyboard laptopku

Resah gelisah

Sunyi, sepi, sedih, S******(nama late xgf), sepet, sensitif, serabai, sempoi, selambe

Tanpa cinta, tough

Ulat bulu dah naik daun.., usaha lebey(ditujukan kepada yang berkenaan)

Valiant, vicodin

W**** nama bapaku, whatever perkataan ku suka, warcraft

X-ray tulang tibiaku retak



Am i haunted?

Last night I couldn’t sleep, felt like something’s wrong. It’s damn cold, even without the fan switch on, I’m freezing. I had a dream bout my late ex-gf last week. I couldn’t tell bout it exactly as it was too shallow for me to remember. She was standing there, unmoved by my presence. Cold and pale as if she was just woken up from the dead. She ain’t looking at me, I wonder why. Thought it was because she hated me so much for the things I did to her. She’s still wondering up here in my mind. Guilt is probably the word that makes me still can’t brush her away from my memory. Haven’t forgiven myself for what I did to her. With final project thesis due end if this month, still stuck at chapter 1. These days with hectic and disarray schedule, pending subject just started, final exam just concluded, lack of focus and confidence, wish I can just graduated straight away.

P/s referring to my ‘yesterday’ post, the girl is not my x-schoolmate.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What a bullshit?

Haven't update you for a while, so sorry that I’m kind of busy and got no idea to write although there's many thing happened to me the whole week before. Tomorrow I got ISWO final exam, and the next day I’ll be starting my Linux classes which has been put on hold due to KLMU's management problem(s). I’d planned to go back to my hometown after the exam, but due to this matter, I need to stay back until it’s cuti-cuti Malaysia (eh silap, Hari Raya Haji holiday), damn bullshit, isn’t it? Well, that’s for now, going to do some revision, although feeling very dizzy and sleepy.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday's morning

This morning I went to ISWO class, a little bit late, but better late than never, right? Got the tips for final exam paper next week, and submit the assignment given. Took morning tea break at the Mishan’s with Alee & Karun, simultaneously thinking of having lunch altogether. Having 2nd thought, and changed my mind, lunch at my foster mum’s café at EON’s. There’s her granddaughter, Malay mix nigga genes, and I took her in my arms. Mariam@Maryam (don’t know which way they spelled it), she’s dark, with curly hair and got big eyes. Gave her milk in the bottle after had my lunch, and she’s like falling asleep. Cuddled her close to my chest to comfort and make her warm, but suddenly she’s awake. Try to feed her milk, but she didn’t want to, and started disgruntled. Her granny took her from me, and tries to feed her some soft biscuit, but she started to throw up. I like kids, and I wonder when I’ll have my own. My foster mum, her daughter and few of my friends told me that I looked like a father, I wish too…

Last Night

Last night, my friend and I went to Ampang Sports Planet to play futsal for 2 hours against his friends plus a few foreigners. Physically and fitness aspect, we were totally outmatched by the foreigners but technically and strategically, we’re even. I didn’t play well in attacking mode as my shots always and always went astray. I’m quite upset with my performance but I did very well when defending, that’s probably because I’m a naturally defensive kind of player. It was a very tiring night but enjoyed the game. The consequence of playing the match is getting a recurrence ankle problem (slightly twisted, but bad), aggravated knee injury (ligament and knock), back injury (slipped disc during last year KLMU’s sports carnival and etc. I’ll be playing as long as I could, even when my playing style has made my body takes it toll, because I love this game, once dreamt of playing for the national side, and still. Going to have my dinner, see ya soon


I was just taking my bath when suddenly I remembered about something that happened yesterday. I was going to English class at 2pm just after having my lunch at EON cafeteria. when going up on the lift to level 4, I saw a girl who I thought was my x-schoolmate, I asked her if she got class, but then she gave me a 'look', and her friend behind her also gave me a 'look', then I’m having a thought, is she or isn't she my x-schoolmate? I’m damn sure that she’s my x-schoolmate, but the problem is, she never answer my question, and her friend and she gave me a ‘look’, so now I’m not pretty sure if she’s my x-schoolmate. I felt a little bit embarrassed, but I just played a macho guy, hehe.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


aku tgh mngidam kuih batik, ada spa2 yg sudi buat kuih batik utk dmkn oleh aku x? hehe.. aku tgh xde citer nk story, so post kali ni, aku citer psl kuih-muih yg aku ska ngap. skrg aku tgh mngidam kuih batik, mntk2 ada la esk lusa yg pos kuih batik kt aku, amin. bese klu g psr mlm, aku cri popia grg dlu, ps2 kuih pelita, ps3 kuih seri muka@seri wajah. ni la kuih-muih fevret aku klu korg nk tau, klu xnk tau, spa suh korg bca, ekeke. aku pn ska jgk mkn baulu, kuih tart nanas, karipap, cekodok cekadak, kuih lopes, adoi, trasa sgguh lapa skrg.

p/s mls nk ejas pics

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Well-written but not well-spoken

I’ve been writing in English for a while, and I’m glad that people told me that I’ve improved a lot. It’s very flattering and nice compliment when it comes especially from your English lecturer. Thanks to my father who has been an imperial figure who taught me English when I was still so young. He asked me to read NSTP rather than Metro or Berita Harian. It has proven that by only reading papers (with the help of dictionary, of course), and lots of it, you can be very good at English. I consider myself as just above average, I’m still learning, new words, how to use it in certain sentences. But I think that I’m just good when writing, not orally. The day that I had my mock interview with Sir Mus, I was kind of nervous. I couldn’t speak as the words wouldn’t come out or maybe I’m just whispering at the time. It’s irritate me that day before the interview, I was feeling confident and had the ideas to answer to questions asked, but unfortunately it hasn’t been good as expected. I’m very upset with my performance, really because I knew that I could do hell lot better. Out of words, be back later. Bye

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Anger management

Hey there, my name is apau, I’m an anger prone person. I think that I need to join an anger management program. I need to control my anger before it brings me down. There are a lot of people who don’t know how bad it is when I’m in rage. The probably first thing I would do when I’m mad at someone is just keep quiet to myself, do my own thing or just stay in my room. I had once thrown a butter knife to my sister, smacked my brother with a chair and shout to people mostly when it comes to some disagreement. I don’t know what to say, but I really hate myself when realizing that I force people away, before noticing that I’m lonely. Many people have tried to help me contain my fury, they gave me advices that I hold for moments only. It’s damn hard for me to change my attitude simultaneously losing friends. I don’t talk to people about my problems though I wrote only to you. You are probably the best virtual mate I have now, because I can expressed all my feelings, without you saying it’s bad or good, whether it’s right or wrong. I never had a tell-all friend that I can share problems with, enjoy or suffer, during good or bad days, I just have me and myself to talk to. Got to go, I have few things to get done. See ya later, my blog..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hairstyle ayam togel

komen jangan xkomen


So close..

Am i too obvious of being too 'jiwang'?

You`re in my arms
And all the world is calm
The music playing on for only two
So close together
And when I`m with you
So close to feeling alive

A life goes by
Romantic dreams will stop
So I bid mine goodbye and never knew
So close was waiting, waiting here with you
And now forever I know
All that I wanted to hold you
So close

So close to reaching that famous happy end
Almost believing this was not pretend
And now you`re beside me and look how far we`ve come
So far we are so close

How could I face the faceless days
If I should lose you now?
We`re so close
To reaching that famous happy end
And almost believing this was not pretend
Let`s go on dreaming for we know we are
So close
So close
And still so far

Monday, November 2, 2009

Last weekend

i went back to my hometown last Friday with my brother. it was raining heavily and almost all the way back to my hometown. the road was very slippery and the visibility was quite poor. depart at 6pm, fetched my brother, and on the way back he submit his work to his friend in subang jaya. the traffic is quite heavy, we got stuck in it for about 1 and a half an hour. arrived in jb at 15 mins past 12 in the midnight. had our dinner very late and overslept till noon the next day. doing house chores, gardening, fixed the drainage, and finally went to the barber for a haircut(da macam ayam togel). i'll be waiting for your comments after i post my new hairstyle pics. yesterday, went back to kl at 4pm,took only 3 hours to reach bangi, where my brother and his family lived. i did 140-150kph on the road, but still felt like leisure driving. guess i have to go faster to feel the adrenaline pumping. after maghrib prayer, when to the ukm commuter station, bought ticket to putra station and wait, wait for about half an hour just for the train to arrived. took nearly an hour to arrived at putra station where my brother-in-law picked me up and went straight home. bathe, dinner and surf internet for a while, updating blog, but still haven't prepare for this evening assignment, hope everything went well even though i'm still unprepared.


almk, ptg ni ada mock intrbiu, mati la aku. lgsg xprepare pe nk jwb utk esk. apa nk jwb eh? kpale da xde rmbut cm dlu, igtkn ilang serabut yg kalut kabut, tp rpa2 ny hnya ilang rmbut yg pnjg akibat rebond. hope lctrr aku bg soalan2 yg leh aku goreng pattaya. tggu post akn dtg ye. ada suprise nnti,chalo