Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hari-hari terakhir...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy and Sorrow

Last Saturday I went to Seremban, my eldest sister had a Hari Raya open house at her place. I was due to went there last Friday, but I have to accompany my other sister, which is 3-4 months pregnant. We arrived there 20 minutes past 1 in the afternoon. Had my lunch, then started to help them serving food and drinks, plus entertained the crowds who came. The clock has past 5 and we started to cleaned up the garage, play with my nephews and had dinner just before 7. Watched Cinderella Blues at 10pm, on channel tv3 which I quite enjoy the jokes, and knowing that the Red Devils won 2-1 against Bolton Wanderers, everything went very well until the next dawn…I was awake at 5, very early for a guy like me. I’m not feeling very well, it’s like my stomach want to explode. My gastritis problem has become worse. I had diarrhoea and start vomiting like shit. It took all the energy away from me, I felt like I’m going to faint. I couldn’t eat breakfast and was supposed to drive my sister to the KLIA. She was going back to Yemen and continues her work as a lecturer. But I end up at the back seat of the car, and lastly have to stay at home because of dizziness and vomiting. I took pills, and try to get some sleep. Didn’t switch on the fan but still I still feel cold, even with thick blanket covering me up to the neck. I went back to KL with my brother at noon, because tomorrow I got class to attend. I spend whole lot of time on the bed, trying to weather the unbearable pain and dizziness that makes me want to vomit. Took pills, and went back to sleep. Take bath, pray and sleep again. That’s what I’ve done for the past 3 days started from last Sunday. I couldn’t eat much, just having some fruits and Milo drinks. Still haven’t fully recovered from my illnesses but I went to class today. I wonder if my illnesses have to do with my ex girlfriend last days before she departed to a new life, maybe, probably, the utmost respect I thought about her too much.

Kau pergi...

19 October 2009, 6.04pm, I got a sms from my late ex-girlfriend little sister. In the sms, she wrote ‘she’s gone forever’. I couldn’t believe my eyes and started replying to her, and asked about the sms. She said that it was true, her sister has fallen and they are in grieving mood. I was… speechless, stared to the sky disbelieved. I haven’t said that I’m sorry about the fight last time we contacted, but now it just plain too late. Her sister somewhat blamed me for the passing, and I myself knew that I had a fraction if not too much in making my ex’s health deteriorated. She was just over 25 this year, too young and life so short to lived a happy life. And I, still haven’t change from being a jerk, even now has become worse.

P/s: you don’t have to recite prayers / doa / al-fatihah, because she was a Christian

Monday, October 12, 2009

diari seorang atan

Ada sorang budak namanya atan. Atan umurnya lapan. Atan berasal dari Kelantan, menetap di kg. pandan. Atan pergi ke sekolah di kampung jiran menaiki sampan. Atan terlupa nak buat kerja sekolah yang cikgu bagi, cikgu atan marah atan, atan kena denda keluar kelas pastu berdiri. Tapi atan relax je, buat selamba macam tak ada apa-apaMasa rehat, kawan atan ajak atan main batu seremban.

Atan : tak nak lah, nanti atan penat
Kawan atan : kenapa tak nak pulak?
Atan : ye la, nak main batu tu kena pergi seremban dulu, kan jauh, sebab tu atan tak nak, nanti penat
Kawan atan : yela yela (setan punya atan)

Balik umah, mak atan suh atan beli santan kat kedai, tapi atan pulang bawak buah rambai, serabai..

Petang tu atan main bola sepak, kat padang yang becak, penuh lopak, diterjah tercampak, balik ke rumah berbau hapak.

Di malam yang kelam, suram dan dengan kaki yang lebam, atan duduk diam-diam. Berus gigi sudah, basuh kaki sudah, atan berdengkur mengharapkan mimpi yang indah-indah

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baru tahu semalam

smlm adk xgf aku sms, bgtau akk dia(xgf aku) msuk icu, tenat sgt ktany. aku xtau nk ckp pe, xtau nk wt pe sbb last aku msg xgf aku, kitorg gduh. nk g jnguk pn jauh, kt sbh. so aku ckp la kt adk dia, aku tau dia skt, sbb dia ada bgtau, n dia ckp hyat dia pn xlma(kta doc yg rwt dia). aku suh adk dia byk2 brsbr, n doakn smoga dia smbuh sprti sdiakala, aku pn klu leh xnk la prgduhn ari tu jd kngn trakhir dia dgn aku. so hopefully dia akn smbuh n cntct aku blk, brkwn mcm sblm2 ni. skt pale aku mmkirkn..

Friday, October 9, 2009

Pure stupidity or plain unlucky?

yesterday, i skipped morning class but went for the evening class, but to my horror, the class was canceled. i went back home sad, feeling angry because not any of my classmate told me about the cancellation. it's half past 4 o'clock and after doing my Asar prayer, i did the house chores. cleaning up the house using the vacuum cleaner and after that mopping the floor. i lived in a condo near government quarters, 10-15 minutes to my college (if rempit, will be there in 5mins). there is a gap between the grill and house door about 2 sq/ft. the door will automatically locked and you need to use the key to open it from outside. my sister and her husband were out, and i was alone cleaning up the place. when i was mopping the gap between the door and the grill, i forgot to put something between the door, so it couldn't be close. suddenly, hard wind blows and the door shut leaving me there stranded between them. damn, i'm cursing my luck and my neighbour went outside to litter the trash and i asked for her hp to call my sister. she gave me her hp and called my sister. an hour later, i was released from the prison, hehe. prison, i love prison break

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Apa- apa tah

bila aku bosan, kekadang aku jadi setan,
bila aku terlalu memilih makanan, aku selalu kempunan,
bila aku tensen, aku dok diam2 dalam bilik,
bila aku marah, aku tumbuk dinding bantal dilapik,
bila kawan ajak main futsal, aku cakap no hal,
bila aku sakit kaki, aku lepak jap kat tepi,
tapi bila dah lepak, rasa nak main balik pulak,
bila aku sepi, aku suka nyanyi,
bila aku mati? aku pun tak pasti apa yang akan terjadi


akteli aku xtau nk tuleh pe utk new post sbb otak ku da blur. aku sdg(sbnrny suda lama) mngalami mslh keguguran rmbut, diulangi keguguran rmbut okey?bkn gugur kndungan, ekeke. stiap ari lps mndi, aku tgk kt lntai byk bebenor helaian rmbut yg trtggl, petah lg klu tgk dlm blik. rsany klu xspu smggu, mau pnuh je dgn rmbut ggur aku. aku xmau botak, tidak!!!!skian utk post trbaru