Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shocking news!!!

when i am writing this post, i am talking to my late ex girl friend via yahoo messenger. yes, my late ex girl friend which i posted about our story few times before. i don't know how she came back, but having lost her memory, she didn't have a clue about me. that's good news for me because i don't want her to suffer anymore, and i'm glad that she's back. i hope that she will live a happy life after this. now, i can smile a bit, thanks..

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Considering retirement

I am considering retirement from all kind of sports, probably for life due to some problems that I’m still having after a year passed by. I’ll miss futsal and football for sure, and some other sports that I played before with you and others, but living my life for my family is second to none than playing sports, so I’m considering retirement for good cause. I hope that you can keep this to yourself only and not telling others, because I don’t want people worrying sick about me. Even if I not here nor there with you, I’ll always be there in your heart, hopefully so..

I'm back

It’s been a while since my last post, but now I’m back. Think I should apologize to my dearie blog, coz she probably miss me so much I wouldn't expect. And to my fellow reader too, I know that you all are waiting for more from this silly fella, hence I hope you all will enjoy reading. I don’t know why I didn’t update as much I as like, just not feeling right to write. Many things happened to me here and there, but supposedly I tell you some.

Currently doing my final year thesis with a lots of setback,

Please don’t tell my supervisor or else I’ll get a whack.

Gone back to my hometown, taking care of my sick father,

Forgot the date, hence the day I couldn’t remember.

Took care some of my late girlfriend’s wish, but not all,

The pain is still there, hiding behind the wall.

I’m losing a little bit of creativity to write, and the ideas aren’t flowing like it used to be, so I’ll just cut it short. Do wait for my next post, glad to be back writing again, hope the ideas come soon so I can make your day better.

p/s I'm really losing the creativity, damn