Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kerna diriku tak sempurna..

saya bukan malaikat, bukan rasul,
juga bukan nabi, saya ada banyak kelemahan diri,
saya tak tau kalau saya boleh jaga hati awak,
tapi kalau diberi peluang, saya akan cuba

Friday, May 6, 2011

Masjid Nabawi

Di tempat nak amik air Zam-Zam

Turkish and Saudi Arabian delights

18 April 2011

hi guys, long time no update eh? well, here it is. 2 months after celebrating my 26th birthday, i had a minor surgery on my right knee. i uploaded few pics taken after the surgery, while the others is for my eyes only. got MC for 17 boring days having spent most of it at home recovering. walked around on crutches for 3,4 days, but having hard time to stand for a long time. spent long hours at the rehabilitation centre and will be on the sidelines for over half a year. thanks to the doctors, and staff who helped before, during and after the surgery, hopefully i will be able to make my comeback before end of this year. will be back for more update, wait and see.