Monday, March 29, 2010

Traveling day

yesterday was my very first traveling day, (but might be second). i rode my scooter from kajang at noon to bangi, then bangi to damansara(office) and had my crash course at the office until 5pm. had my lunch with big boss and friends at domino's (i don't know where the place is situated though), big boss paid the bill. 7 regular pizza and few other additional dish such as chicken wings, garlic bread, chocolate cake and 2 coke, a sprite and 2 apple juice + Aloe Vera. i ate a lot if it doesn't seem that much, was so hungry because didn't take my breakfast. there's a funny thing happened to me at the office. the chair which i sat in the morning, broke after i sat on it, after having lunch. i was so shock and embarrassed and with my colleague gave looks at me, i was so trying not to be there at times. but i pull through it, and take it as a joke. pass 5, i went to chow kit to buy some shisha flavour which my brother needs and went straight home to bangi. arrive at half pass 6, play with my nephew and niece before took bath and browsing the internet. skipped dinner, at 10 drove to shah alam instructed by my brother because i don't really familiarize with the area. but everthing went well, and after helping out with the shisha business went home at 1am. took a wrong turn when heading back, lost in translation in cyberjaya, panic attack almost faint(kidding), but find the way back, but then took a wrong turn again, have to u-turn and thank god i'm in the right route. lastly, glad to update u again.