Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You Don't Know Where I When This September Part II

I couldn't sleep as there was a typhoon. The wind was so strong, that it makes the tree branches fell apart. Wondering there might be flight delay for tomorrow afternoon flight to Xiamen. Zzz. Before Subuh prayers, we woke up, eat some food and did the Subuh prayer, then went to sleep again. The prayers time there is about one hour earlier than in Malaysia. Getting ready to go to the airport at 9am and taking the shuttle bus to the nearest train station. Did the baggage check-up at the station and off we go in the express train straight to the airport. It’s raining and windy, but no typhoon. The flight was supposed to take off at 1250, but due to the windy conditions and other flight congestion, it was delayed till 1430. There was an angry scene while waiting at the gate where a man stumped his hand to the desk confronting the crew on duty. It took 1 hour and 20 minutes to Xiamen and while passing the Xiamen immigration, I was summoned to do health check-up. Fortunately I passed or else I might be quarantined for days or worst weeks. The weather is clear but the air smell stinks. We were picked up by the Pan Pacific hotel shuttle transport where they wait for nearly 2 hours because of the flight delay. The scenery was okay with few big and new buildings, old apartments and small houses. After room check-in, went straight to the room. It was superb, fantastic and fascinating, but not the room outside view. The television was huge, the apparel in very nice and silky, while the spacey bathroom has bathtub and see-through glass in the shower with shower head straight-up. I think it will probably be the same here in Malaysia but what is the purpose of paying big money to stay at the hotel if you have a home nearby, right? Breaking fast around 1815 and stayed put for the night. The next day we went out with a tourist guide. My sister bought an English- Chinese dictionary in case when needed. It is very hard to communicate with the Chinese fellas as they don’t speak or write alphabets. So we have to as the hotel staffs to write down the words in Chinese. We went for a boat ride enjoying the acceptable scenery of Taiwan territory which isn't much to tell. Stop at the other bank of the river where the historical buildings, monuments are situated. We didn't take the buggy van but just walking through the places (Java, British and Chinese consulate and etc). We watched a Chinese opera show like the ‘wayang kulit’ for Malays and did enjoy it. Go around places, taking pictures which few Chinese girls who work as guide there but they also didn't speak English much. There are also many restaurants with live fish, prawns, crabs and etc to choose from. Don’t know what to tell as they ain't many things to elaborate, but still did the walking and window shopping in a humid condition which is very exhausting. Buy a few things and went back to the hotel. My brother-in-law and I went to a Muslim restaurant to buy food for breaking fast. The food is quite different in taste, ain't that spicy, but just okay. The next day, we went out to Xiahe Lu Rd and Chang San Lu Rd for shopping, buying some souvenir and having hard times to find money changer even the local bank there didn't accept RM in exchange. My sister bought a tea set for herself and my aunt. Went around and then I took them to the Muslim restaurant that I went yesterday. Breaking fast there and went back to the hotel. Packing things up because tomorrow (18 September 2009) will be going back home. Fast forward….we are home. Breaking fast at the KLIA and wait for my other brother- in-law to pick us up and straight home. My other sister and I went straight to Seremban in other car parked outside my other sister place. Take my bath, do the prayers and packing my things up, waiting for my brother to pick me up to go back to our ‘kampung halaman’ in Bohor Bahru. Arrived at 0515, ‘sahur’ and then Zzz.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

You Don't Know Where I Went This September

12th September 2009 - a week before Hari Raya Aidilfitri, i went to Hong Kong(fragrant harbour). after sahur at my sister's place in Seremban, my father and my brother-in-law drove my other siblings, my nephews and me to the KLIA. 3 of my sisters, my brother-in-law and i departed from KLIA at 0915, estimated arrival at HK at 0100 by MAS plane. the MAS crew were kind and packed our breakfast for later breaking fast. i watched x-men origins : wolverine but didn't finish watching as there were to many announcement(due to turbulence), damn. when we arrived, the weather was good, but a little bit chilly. there aren't time difference between Malaysia and HK's, so there's no need to reset the time. we stayed at Regal Hotel in Kowloon for 4 days and 3 nights. the transportation are almost the same as in Malaysia, but there got trams (look like a train, but smaller and runs through the streets). the cab was very expensive, better take the bus/ tram / train(MTR).that night, we went out to the Victoria harbour, hoping to see the laser show, but to our dismay, the show was too much over exaggerate. we went sightseeing the next day, a road trip with other tourists in a small bus, probably a bigger van, whatever lah. drove around the buildings, up to the hill, The Peak they called it, although some says Victoria's Peak and The Peak Hong Kong. the view was quite breathtaking, after having some breathing difficulties because of the steep and slippery hill road, but not quite scary as Mount Buller hill road. the view was quite stunning if not for the haze covering up the air, but as higher as you get, the better the overall view of HK and the higher the rent/price of the properties. took some pictures here and there, and off we go to Victoria Harbour yet again. this time around, we took a sampan trip and go around the yacht, boats and huge ships. it's pretty amazing how they navigate the small sampan and huge ships through the channel. the last stop is Stanley Market. the place where we bought most of the souvenirs although we regretted because there's another place that we can get a lot cheaper which named is Ladies Market. when we were shopping in the Stanley's, i bought a shirt which has my name written on it, in Chinese. but of course, it doesn't come cheap. didn't bought many things, few shirts and a belt and that's for the day. we break fast at a small Indian/Turkish restaurant where it is situated deep in a old shops, very very very hard to find a Muslim restaurant if you aren't familiar with the place, quite scary though with so many niggers and girls with prostitute dressing. walking down the streets and enjoy the night scenery, we bumped into an old chinese man selling roses, originally from Malaysia,but has been reside there almost 40 years. the very last day in HK, we went all gun blazing(kidding) at the Ladies Market. i bought an Apple iPhone for my dad, which i owed my sister's bucks. they bought gifts for our uncle and aunts. owh yeah, we bought Crocs too. we took MTR train to Lantau Island. the train has three underground train levels, arrived on time, and frequent. actually we went to Lantau to visit the mosque and buy food at the canteen there, but the canteen is closed due to fasting month, so we have to buy elsewhere near the mosque and went back to the hotel. that night we packed things up and called it a day very early because tomorrow....You Don't Know Where I Went This September Part II

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Assalamualaikum buat semua pembaca blog the blogger ini. di sini, the blogger ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri buat semua muslimin dan muslimat yang menyambut aidilfitri yang mulia. the blogger juga ingin memohon ampun maaf jika ada terkasar bahasa, tersilap kata, terlanjur cinta (eh silap), terlanjur perbuatan yang tak manis dipandang, pahit diterima selama the blogger menulis blog ini sehinggalah aidilfitri seterusnya. moga semua dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki, raya depan the blogger mintak maaf lagi. selamat, selamat, selamat hari raya aidilfitri

Monday, September 7, 2009

Last night

last night, i got a pretty scary nightmare (da nama pun pretty scary nightmare, so mestila menakutkan, betul tak?). i took my meds and felt sleepy, fell asleep around 11pm before suddenly my phone rangs. my father called, talked bout few things then i went online for a moment, getting few things done and some revision. shutted down my laptop, and cuddled myself over the bed, with cold feet...and started dreaming. i was somewhere in the woods, near a village. i do not know what the hell i'm doing there, but maybe i'm just having a break from hectic student life. i wasn't alone, with few aboriginal kids playing hide and seek near me. there are also few men doing their daily jobs as hunter and etc. i started to hear some unusual sound, more like a growl, but i didn't pay attention to it although. all in a sudden, a big brown furry bear crawl through the bushes near. it was so close to me that i couldn't bear to move, even blinking. trying to stay calm but couldn't hide the fact that my knee is trembling, i'm sweating like sh!t. the kids still didn't notice the giant beast getting closer to them. i'd tried to warned them but the words couldn't come out, until it was in a split second that i decided to shout at it and throw a rock to turn it's attention to me. darn, i regretted doing that as it slowly turn and stare me deep in the eyes. i just couldn't explain the coldness and anger in it's eyes, just couldn't take my eyes of them. the kids have gotten into safe hands with the men while i slowly backpedalling without taking my eyes off the bear. when i felt that it is time to run, i ran as hard as i could and climbed up a tree. the bear followed me through as it waits on the ground before suddenly shaking the tree, to knock me down. i slipped and found myself in front of the standing bear, roared and stumped it's paws to it's chest. there's no way of escaping neither playing dead, it was in an attacking mode, swerving its paws to me and ....i'm awake. sweating all over the bed, listened to wind blows, i'm alright, it was just a dream, thank god it was. damn..

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday

happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to ^-^,
happy birthday to you,

p/s sugar glider,hehe

Adoii sakitnye...

tersebutlah kisah yang berlaku di bulan posa. rasanya semalam, tapi pikir balik macam kelmarin, ntah la,maybe lusa kot,hmm. ari tu aku tak sedar nak bangun sahur, so apalagi, miss la kan. nak dijadikan cerita, aku diserang oleh gastrik, jahat btul gastrik nih, membuatkan aku nak buka je posa ari tu. tapi nasib baik la kan, aku dapat tahan.tapi lepas azan maghrib je aku terus makan,hehe. tadi petang time amik exam english, perut aku meragam, gastrik lagi punye pasal. berkriok-kriok bunyi perut aku, syahdu, huhu. tapi takpe, aku kan kuat. jap lagi aku nak makan, layan...

Finale examination

it has been started today, until 11th september 2009. 1st paper,english which is considerably easy or maybe i'm just too advanced (kalau gagal baru ko tau,hahaha).4 more to go, linux essential, database concepts, computer architecture and shell scripting. i'm worried bout my computer architecture and database lah, carry marks and mid term i didn't do as well as i should. pity me, time has past, i have to move on. i wrote this post because a good friend of mine asked me,' why haven't you update your blog?'. i told ^-^ that i have no idea whatsoever to write on my blog, so that's why i didn't update any. this is for you to read ^-^.happy reading